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Available Repousse' Tools

Big BLU Repousse Hammers in group

Repousse Hammers from Big BLU Hammer Mfg., Co.

4 styles 1.5 lbs. (675 g) each. $75 USD, 2009

Custom forged repousse' hammers designed and made by an artist blacksmith who also uses them.

These 1-1/2 pound hammers are suitable for repousse in copper plate and steel. The set covers the most useful shapes for repousse' work, armour, raising and general sculptural plate work. The only shape missing is a large area planishing hammer.

Lining and Blocking Repousse Hammer Peens

Shapes include.
  • Raising
  • Square and Round
  • Elliptical Peen
  • Lining and Blocking (shown above)
Forged from Tool Steel.

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