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Available Repousse' Tools

Big BLU Punch Set with tongs

No longer available

10 piece set plus tongs and rack. $250 USD, 2009

Custom forged set of tools designed to be held with punch tongs provided. These tools have a short shank so that they can be used under a power hammer as well as struck by hand. They are larger than standard repousse' tools so that they can be used for sculptural work. The tongs fit a groove in the shank for a firm grip.

In the blacksmith shop these fill the gap between large handled flatters and fullers and samll hand held punches.

Shapes include.
  • Mushroom
  • 3 round end
  • 4 fullering
  • Square end
  • Chisel (cut off)
Forged from Tool Steel. To be used by hand or with a power hammer.

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