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Armourer's Hammers

As seen at the WV Armour-In 2003

Everywhere you looked at the Armour-In held by Ted and Ann Banning in West Virginia there were hammers. Walls of hammers, boxes of hammers and buckets of hammers. Many of these were Ted's (as shown at the left) but many were those of the half dozen armourers that attended.

There were old Pexto hammers, auto body hammers, specialized raising and planishing hammers and many custom made hammers. All had highly polished faces for producing finely finished armour.

There were ball pien hammers and hammers made from blacksmith's punches and the one below made of bolts.

Dishing Hammer photo by Jock Dempsey Ball Dishing - Allen Bauldree custom
2-1/2" ball bearing welded to striking hammer
Dishing Hammer photo by Jock Dempsey Old Style Standard Raising hammer
Sizes 2 to 8 pounds, Niagara, Pextow, Etal.
Raising Hammer photo by Jock Dempsey Dishing or raising - About 7" long Raising Hammer photo by Jock Dempsey Dishing or raising - About 7" long
Planishing Hammer photo by Jock Dempsey Planishing and Shaping Hammer Small hammer
Unusual Forging Hammer - About 4 pounds. Hammer from grade 8 bolts in progress

More Armourer's Hammers

Eric Thing's hammers photo by Bruce Blackistone
The above are hand made hammers from the shop of Eric Thing, AZ armourer. Eric primarily makes helmets by the raising process from relatively heavy steel plate. The thickness of the plate and the depth of the shapes determines the long heavy pattern of these hammers. Photo by Bruce Blackistone


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